26 Sep 2018

Sweet taste in a surprising shape

A wonderfully sweet and tasty treat has arrived; sweet Palermo Radius peppers are now available greenhouse grown all year long. With its bursting sweet flavor, crisp bite and good aromatics, this pepper will quickly find a place as a favorite in your home. Its versatility will add extra flavor to a variety of meals – whether in a salad, as a snack, and as dinner roasted or barbequed. Fewer seeds, less seed membrane (ribs), thinner skin and crispy flesh adds to the unique and pleasant eating experience of this pepper. Palermo Radius is not just a taste treat; this pepper has 50% higher vitamin C levels than traditional bell peppers and is a good source of Folate too!


Add this sweet pepper to your next dish and you will find a surprisingly healthy and delicious new vegetable staple in your kitchen!