29 Oct 2018

Snack Lettuce © wins Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award at Fruit Attraction

Snack Lettuce ©, an innovation in the lettuce category, has won the Accelera Fresh Produce Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award at the Fruit Attraction 2018. The fair was held from 23 to 25 October in Madrid.

Eating snacks, raw products and fresh products at any time of the day are current trends. During the Fruit Attraction, Rijk Zwaan presented a new convenience concept called Snack Lettuce.

We developed this snack-sized lettuce especially for warm dishes: the lettuce keeps its firm and crunchy bite. The leaf has a unique spoon shape and is tasty and sweet. The permanent crunchy texture, good taste and distinctive leaf shape offer new solutions and possibilities in the modern kitchen. An additional advantage of Snack Lettuce is the reduction of plastic when the leaf is used as an edible spoon.

Eat the spoon

During Fruit Attraction, the Snack Lettuce partners launched a marketing campaign with the slogan 'The best of your dishes ... the spoon'. We organized several tastings and blogger Verónica Sánchez (#OhMamyBlue) and singer Xuxo Jones promoted the tasty lettuce. During the event, the lettuce was hashtagged #eatthespoon. Snack Lettuce has been developed in close cooperation with trading companies such as El Dulze, Jimbo Fresh, Fruca and Comfresh.

Lettuce wrap

New this year was also the presentation of the first hundred percent lettuce wrap. A healthy solution for consumption along the way; lettuce stuffed with tuna, chicken, cabbage humus or cheese.

More innovative snack and salad vegetables

Other innovative concepts that Rijk Zwaan has presented at Fruit Attraction are MyCubies, Cabbisi and Elfy. MyCubies are snack cucumbers, which we presented in a new package with three pieces in a bag. Cabbisi, the new mini pointed cabbage, we brought as an alternative main ingredient for salads. Elfy is a crunchy mini celery, which can be easily eaten as snack because of its compact size.

Snack lettuce Eat the spoon