07 Aug 2019

Rijk Zwaan USA completes its first commercial season with Hermosa Beach in the Desert Southwest!

Hermosa Beach performed very well in the spring 2019-desert season, according to Rijk Zwaan Melon Crop Specialist Joe Vandiver. Reports from local growers commented on large sizes and good yields. Despite the cold southwest desert winter this year that influenced a delay in maturity, the overall outcome of Hermosa Beach remains positive.

On average from our collected data, Hermosa Beach displayed good performance.

  • 4.6 pounds per fruit
  • 13.9% brix levels
  • 4.2 PSI  in firmness

There were cases in commercial fields where brix percentages were as high as 18% and PSI’s were over 5.5.  There were high percentages of 9’s in all fields and the flavor of this Aromatic ESL Melon was fantastic. We are very pleased with Hermosa Beach, and hope it continues to be your choice for your front-end early melon!

Contact Melon Crop Specialist, Joe Vandiver at j.vandiver@rijkzwaan.com for more information about Hermosa Beach. Schedule an appointment to view Rijk Zwaan melon varieties at the San Joaquin Valley Melon Days at the UC Research Station, 17353 W. Oakland Ave., Five Points, CA August 8-9 and 13-14.

Watch to learn more about Rijk Zwaan Beach melons!