28 Jun 2021

Rijk Zwaan radish program attracting attention from growers

Both growers that are already customers and those that aren’t are increasingly aware of Rijk Zwaan’s two radish varieties that are well-suited for the American market: Syon RZ and Bodiam RZ. Available for trials and purchase, they are providing other options for growers who are looking for the optimal variety for their operations.

Just as intriguing to many growers are the innovations Rijk Zwaan is working on in its radish program. For example, efforts are underway to develop varieties with novel processing traits and disease resistances. These types won’t simply give growers new choices similar to varieties they currently obtain from other providers—they promise to take radish cultivation and processing in new directions.

Consequently, while the case for growing Rijk Zwaan’s two available radish varieties is clear and compelling, establishing a relationship today also positions growers to benefit from all of the future advances delivered by one of the industry’s most respected research and development programs.

“Many people are familiar with our highly regarded lettuce and spinach programs,” says Eric Christianson, Rijk Zwaan High Density Crop Specialist. “As they learn about our radish program and the exciting innovations we have in the pipeline, they discover that the depth and breadth of our expertise is greater than they knew. It’s a very eye-opening realization that is already helping us establish new relationships and strengthen existing ones with agriculture’s most successful growers.”   

For information on Rijk Zwaan’s available radish varieties or to make purchases, please contact your local dealer. You can also visit the Rijk Zwaan website to learn more.