19 Jul 2022

Rijk Zwaan’s extensive Sandwich Leaf lettuce range on show at IFPA Foodservice

From July 28-29, the IFPA Foodservice Conference will be held in Monterey, California. Rijk Zwaan will be exhibiting at the event to showcase its popular Sandwich Leaf lettuce varieties. These can be produced locally in open field or in controlled environments. Also on show will be Rijk Zwaan’s new attractive and unique red vein arugula variety, Nemesis RZ. Visit the Rijk Zwaan booth #517 to learn how these varieties can benefit you.

Rijk Zwaan’s Sandwich Leaf lettuce assortment

Sandwiches have widespread appeal and are an increasingly popular lunchtime choice in many countries. Rijk Zwaan’s extensive Sandwich Leaf lettuce assortment offers foodservice operators many benefits, one of which is consistency. These lettuces enable a fixed portion size and a stable portion cost. In addition, these lettuce varieties can easily withstand heat and acidy, unlike other lettuces that have a tendency to wilt when combined with acidic dressings or hot fillings.

A suitable leaf for every sandwich

Individual countries and regions mostly have their own preferred bread types, shapes, sizes and fillings for sandwiches. Nevertheless, they almost all have one thing in common: a green leafy vegetable, which adds freshness, color and bite to a sandwich. Rijk Zwaan offers a range of more robust lettuce varieties that are suitable for every sandwich, regardless of the shape of the bread. Furthermore, these leaves can serve perfectly as a bread replacement for your sandwiches.

Improved sustainability

Rijk Zwaan’s Sandwich Leaf varieties can be grown in open field as well as in controlled environments. Thanks to its suitability for hydroponic production, Rijk Zwaan is meeting the increasing demand for sustainable and controlled environment production.

Visit our booth

Want to know more about these Sandwich Leaf varieties or how they can benefit you? Please visit the Rijk Zwaan Sandwich bar at booth #517 to spice up your sandwich.  We look forward meeting you there!