25 Oct 2018

New peppers on the block!

Rijk Zwaan presents two new peppers that show great results in various trials. Good production combined with an excellent fruit quality makes both varieties very interesting for growers in the high tech segment. Read all about our new orange and yellow pepper.

Orange blocky pepper 35-1177 RZ (TM:0-3) is a tall open crop, with a strong head. The fruits have an average weight of 210 grams; a good and flexible size for bulk or bagging. A unique selling point is the even ripening as it prevents harvesting fruit with too much green on the backside. Both shelf life trials and production data are good. Growers show significant interest in this variety both commercially and with new or expanded trials planned for 2019.

Yellow blocky pepper 35-1075 RZ (TM:0-3) has a taller and more stretched crop than the well-known Hattrick RZ. This makes the fruit distribution on the stem more regular and the twisting easier. The crop is very strong and generative, which supports a good production. Fruits have an average weight of 220 grams, have a nice three lobed shape and are strong against orange shoulders. Another important advantage is the very good shelf life. 35-1075 RZ has been tested in trials for the last two years and will be grown commercially in 2019. Growers are welcome to try the variety and experience the benefits themselves.

Want to test one of these promising peppers yourself? Send an email to Bradley Breedveld, b.breedveld@rijkzwaan.com.