31 Mar 2016

Denomination of Pfs 16, a new race of downy mildew in spinach

The IWGP (International Working Group Peronospora) has decided that Pfs UA1519B (Peronospora farinosa f. sp. spinaciae) is official Pfs 16. This isolate is found several times in 2015 in the USA and for the moment not in other continents.

Resistant to this new race of downy mildew

Within Rijk Zwaan we have a range of varieties which are resistant to this new race of downy mildew. However there are at this moment no commercial known varieties in the market that offer the complete resistancy towards race 1-16. Nevertheless at Rijk Zwaan we can offer varieties with a combination of High and Intermediate level of resistancy to the full range of 1-16. As the new race is not found outside the USA, our complete range of Pfs 1-15 resistant varieties can be recommended in those areas.

The downy mildew situation becomes quite complicated. Therefor we recommend in all circumstances to consult your local Rijk Zwaan specialist to advice you about your specific situation.

Spinach field of Rijk Zwaan in Poland