Chiriaco RZ: The New Honeydew Melon with Irresistibly Sweet Flavor for Fresh Market and Processing

Introducing Chiriaco RZ, a new honeydew melon variety that excels in both quality and versatility. This dual-purpose melon is well-suited for both fresh market consumption and processing. One of its standout features is its concentrated setting, which allows for a bulk harvest in just a couple of picks. It allows for more efficient use of resources such as labor, fuel, and machinery, leading to cost savings for the grower.

Chiriaco RZ features a traditional interior color with a noticeable green tint. Its firm flesh sets it apart by providing a melon that holds up well during processing. Additionally, the flavor of Chiriaco RZ is exceptional when it reaches optimum ripeness for harvest. It boasts a high brix level of 17-18%, contributing to its delightful taste. The plant itself is strong and boasts larger leaves compared to other honeydew melons, providing more extensive coverage to protect the fruit from sunburn. This attribute is particularly valuable for the consumer to prevent early decay. The vigorous vine of this variety further contributes to the fruit's protection, ensuring its overall quality and extended shelf life.

In terms of durability, Chiriaco RZ is designed to withstand mechanical harvesting, making it suitable for large-scale production. While honeydew melon production is predominantly concentrated in California and Arizona, with approximately 90% of the crop grown in the Southwest, there is a growing interest in expanding cultivation to the Eastern US. Chiriaco RZ has shown adaptability to various climates, making it a promising choice for growers in those regions as well. Its name, inspired by a summit in the California desert, is memorable and serves as a testament to its adaptability across different environments.

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