19 Feb 2019

Brassica Developments

We are excited to share the new developments within the Rijk Zwaan USA Brassica program to meet your growing needs.

The current changes in farming and harvesting, including labor shortage and the rise of new farm technology, has shifted our research and development teams to create varieties that meet the current agriculture environment. In 2018, new varieties were introduced, including ‘Darien’ broccoli for its great yield, tight crown and harvest uniformity as well as ‘Danville’ cauliflower for an adaptable, uniform and stress tolerant main season coastal Cauliflower.  2019 is proving to be another exciting year with new variety releases and improved resistances. 


Our broccoli portfolio is always in motion and new early maturing varieties are creating growth and opportunities for growers. In the California and Arizona deserts, Kariba RZ, continues to grow well with its high dome shape and longer florets for multi-use harvest applications. This excellent multi-use variety is early-mid maturing and has a stable harvest cycle during winter months. Kariba is also proving its coastal CA adaptability growing well deep into the autumn and working well as a first early as the coastal spring starts back up again.


Commercial cauliflower hybrids continue to gain traction for their resistances and high yields among growers. Popular among Yuma growers, Casper RZ performs well during the February/March harvest in the Arizona desert. Its very smooth, white and dense head grows well also into warm and dry conditions.  Showing promise in desert trials, Pensacola, a new CMS (cytoplasmic male sterility) winter hybrid variety is scheduled to be released by Spring 2019 for desert sales. There is also healthy feedback about its potential for South County Salinas. 

As we roll into 2019 our new earlier maturing and heat loving, main season cauliflower Florence is showing to be a winner.  We are now commercial with Florence and hope to have strips, beds and harvest passes planted for this summer to again prove its adaptability. 

 As consumers look for more of nature’s colors to add to dinner plates, the high yielding and adaptable C233972 purple cauliflower can meet the market demands.  The healthy upright plant has strong leaf curd protection, great field standability and uniform harvest.  Breeding is pushing this one forward quickly due to the world-wide strong results.  Trial seed is currently available.  C233972 looks to be the deepest purple color on the market.


Rijk Zwaan USA cabbage portfolio continues to grow as our new farm in Florida will allow expansion for commercial trials. As our trials continue, Boleroma RZ is the newest commercial hybrid for 2019 and most adaptable in the Eastern United States.  We are also having great results during main season Coastal California. It is best used for fresh market and processing as the size holds in the field without cracking.


Adding more color for consumers, the tri-color bunching kohlrabi varieties feature Lech RZ (green), Ukza RZ (purple) and Beas RZ (white).  When packaged together, the striking color compliments the good taste for consumers and innovative offerings for growers.

For more information, contact Brassica Crop Specialist, Merek Dorf at m.dorf@rijkzwaan.com.