Uni-Form hydroponic spinach by Rijk Zwaan

Uni-Form hydroponic spinach by Rijk Zwaan is a special seed product form that combines several processes, resulting in higher stand establishment performance, providing more usable plants, fewer empty cells or skips, and reducing the days to harvest, giving your operation more growing cycles per year.

Key benefits of Uni-Form include:

+ Superb germination  =  Less waste from blank cells.
+ Faster growing cycles  =  More growing cycles per year.
+ High plant uniformity  =  More uniform leaf cuts with less leaf size variation.
+ Easier cutting  =  Less dual canopy, more accurate cutting adjustment.
+ Premium end-product  =  Fewer leaf pieces and leaf petioles.
+ Even plant emergence  =  Less canopy competition and uniform leaves.
+ Faster and higher Leaf Area Index  =  Higher yield in less time.
+ Faster plant emergence  =  Shorter duration in germination rooms.
+ Calibrated seed  =  Better seeding with fewer skips and doubles.