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Snack tomatoes mix

Convenience and versatility

Consumers are leading ever-busier lifestyles. The traditional ‘three-meal-a-day’ model is being replaced by ‘grazing’ or multiple snack moments. Ready-to-eat convenience is gaining in popularity worldwide. The role of vegetables is changing. Vegetables now have to compete with a wide choice of convenient yet less-healthy snacks. Many consumers consider it important to eat a healthy and varied diet, but are not prepared to make a lot of effort. That is placing new demands on size, colour and ease of preparation.

We offer countless different convenience-related solutions which vary per crop. Tapping into the huge diversity that nature offers us, we regularly introduce new types and colors. For example, we have developed a blocky tomato which is particularly suitable for filling, and our cocktail cucumber is the ideal healthy snack. We are also capitalizing on the ‘grow your own’ trend. Our ‘root ball lettuces’ enable consumers to pick their own fresh lettuce leaves.

Case study: ‘A perfect fit with the growing awareness of healthy eating’

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