Sensational Traditions

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Rijk Zwaan USA

Tradition and authenticity

Vegetables that capture the essence of tradition and authenticity deserve a unique place in the Rijk Zwaan portfolio. That’s why we have selected these crops for the Sensational Traditions line. All these vegetables combine local heritage with modern-day characteristics.

Authentic and unique

In today’s standardised world, people are increasingly valuing traditional, local products with authentic characteristics. Vegetables with their own unique story and preparation methods offer opportunities for local segmentation. A clear indication of their country or region of origin and “grandmothers’ recipes” capitalise on the trends towards storytelling and “local for local”.

Modern-day standards

The preparation methods and uses of traditional vegetables must fit in with today’s consumer lifestyles. Needless to say, the resistances, productivity and shelf life must also be fully up to date. Rijk Zwaan’s breeding activities have upgraded a range of traditional vegetables from various countries to meet modern-day production, distribution and consumption standards. By making them suitable for a wider production area, we have opened up considerable sales potential. We have grouped this selection together for you in the Sensational Traditions line.

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Which traditional vegetable is a good fit in your market? We invite you to become part of this story and enhance the assortment.