Sensational Snacks

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Rijk Zwaan USA

Snack vegetables

More and more people are choosing to snack healthily. As a result, snack vegetables are contributing to a global increase in vegetable consumption. At Rijk Zwaan, we have selected a number of varieties that are perfectly aligned with the wants and needs of today’s consumers: tasty, convenient and healthy. We have grouped this selection together in our Sensational Snacks line.

Tasty, convenient and healthy

Rijk Zwaan’s snack vegetables have a good flavour combined with a particularly enticing appearance. These handy and bite-sized vegetables are ideal to pack as lunch or a snack for later in the day, or as an impulse buy while on the go.

Growing choice

Honey-sweet mini plum tomatoes for the premium segment? Highly productive cherry tomatoes for the basic segment? Or a surprising combination of the two? Rijk Zwaan offers a diverse and ever-growing choice of products for the snack market. 


Our breeders are aware of the important market demands on new varieties: a consistent flavour all year round, long shelf life, attractive appearance and a steady stream of innovations for the different market segments. But, needless to say, a high and reliable yield continues to form the basis for a successful crop.

See and taste for yourself

We develop varieties for distinct production regions. We help to break open new markets with new and specific varieties, demo fields, innovative packaging concepts or samples.

Each production region and each sales market requires a unique approach. Our specialists understand that and can give you personalised, tailor-made advice. We warmly invite you to visit one of our demo fields so that you can see – and of course taste – our varieties for yourself.