Sensational ingredients

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Rijk Zwaan USA

Vegetables with a high concentration of compounds

With the Rijk Zwaan Sensational Ingredients line, we offer a selection of vegetable varieties that stand out due to their high concentration of compounds: high levels of vitamins, natural colourings or dry matter, for example. This makes them extremely suitable for use in industrial applications or as part of a healthier diet. 

Unique characteristics

The varieties in the Sensational Ingredients line are aligned with industrial processing specifications. They have a high dry matter content (in the case of carrot and cabbage, for example), or they have a high level of pigment such as betanins or carotenoids (beetroot and carrot). By offering improved varieties, we provide solutions leading to greater production efficiency. The Sensational Ingredients line also includes varieties with high nutritional values, such as folate-rich lettuce or tomatoes with a high lycopene content.

Biochemical analysis

At Rijk Zwaan, we conduct extensive biochemical analysis on diverse material in our state-of-the-art laboratories. This enables us to identify which varieties score highly in terms of their compounds. Based on biochemical screening, we decide whether a variety should be added to the Sensational Ingredients line. Hence, our retail and industry customers alike can be sure that each variety offers proven benefits.

Sharing knowledge

We are happy to discuss with our customers how our extensive data can be utilised to maximum effect in the market. We warmly invite you to make use of Rijk Zwaan’s centre of expertise in support of your own specific market approach.