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Labour-friendly variety with addictively delicious fruit

Parisetto boasts a HR level of resistance to ToBRFV alongside a host of other attractive features. The eating experience of Parisetto will leave you wanting more and more with the sweet and crunchy flavour equalling the very best non-resistant varieties. Labour cost of harvesting is significantly reduced by the plants speed ensuring that only two trusses are in production at any one time. The deep red colour means that customers are attracted to the fruit before they have even had a chance to taste it. Good yield potential also means choosing this variety will not be a difficult decision.

- High resistance against ToBRFV
- Exceptional taste
- Low labour cost for harvesting
- Good yield potential


ToBRFV/ToMV:0-2/Fol:0,1/Pf (ex Ff):A-E Ma/Mi/Mj