HYRULE RZ F1 (72-CH0359)

cherry | truss


Impressive combination of production and flavour

This Cherry TOV with high resistance against ToBRFV brings a very impressive combination of high production and a very good flavour profile. The slightly vegetative crop is very uniform and produces perfect single trusses that are uniform and attractive. The fruits are firm and crunchy with a high brix. The clusters are not prone to splitting, so the marketable yield is high with a good shelf life. Suitable for loose harvest as well.

- High resistance against ToBRFV
- Perfect balance yield and flavour
- Flat, uniform fishbone trusses
- No split fruit
- Suitable for all harvesting


ToBRFV/ToMV:0-2/Fol:0,1/Pf (ex Ff):A-E Ma/Mi/Mj