Dulce Italiano | sweet


Orange Sweet Palermo

Palermo Obedius RZ is a dulce italiano sweet pepper for orange harvesting. It has an attractive horn shape and great flavor. The average fruit weight is 120-150 grams. Palermo Obedius RZ has a very good pre-harvest and post-harvest shelf life. The crop is compact with an open habit and regular setting. Palermo Obedius RZ is part of the Sweet Palermo range and is exclusively available to Sweet Palermo partners. This variety is very suitable for multicolored prepacks in combination with the red Palermo Radius RZ and the yellow Palermo Yosemite RZ. Palermo Obedius RZ is recommended for extra-long heated and high-tech cycles, including for organic production.

• Great sweet flavor
• Very good shelf life
• Part of the Sweet Palermo range


PVY:0,1,1.2/Tm:0-2 TSWV:0