BEDROCK RZ F1 (52-04)

rootstock capsicum


Bedrock RZ is a Tm3 resistant rootstock for peppers. It also has a generative effect on the graft, increasing the earliness of late, vigorous varieties and reducing plant height. This variety has also been shown to increase the yield of lamuyo pepper types. Further, Bedrock RZ is resistant to tomato spotted wilt virus, which reduces the infection risk at nurseries. It also has a good level of intermediate resistance (IR) to nematodes and Phytophthora. Bedrock RZ performs well in spring, summer and mild winter growing cycles.

• Tm3 resistance
• Generative effect on graft
• TSWV resistant and good IR to nematodes and Phytophotora


PVY:0,1/Tm:0-3 TSWV/Pc/Ma/Mi/Mj