SWINGMA RZ F1 (30-WC748)

white | other types


White Cabbage, all seasons, 70 to 85 growing days

30-WC748 is an adaptable white cabbage with waxy green colour and a weight range of 1,5 to 4,2 kg. An early head filling ensures a versatile use for fresh market and fresh-cut convenience. Quality features are short core, perfect round shape and a juicy mild flavour. The plant shows strong vigour and nice wrapper foliage through all growing seasons. Plant densities can be chosen according to market demand. It can be harvested from early to late season, including winter-cycle in moderate climates.

• Recommended plant densities from 30.000 to 55.000/ha
• Flexible product for different market destinations
• High uniformity in shape and sizing

Unique selling points
- growing value: reliable heading in most growing areas
- freshmarket value: early voluminous cabbage
- processing value: interesting for fast cycle fresh-cut industry
- consumer value: mild taste, flexible use