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White Cabbage, late season, 115 to 140 growing days

Missourima RZ is a white cabbage with round shape and high internal compactness. Head weights are ranging from 3.0 to 6.0 kg depending on plant density. It is popular among processors thanks to its internal short core, regular leaf structure and stable quality ratings. The plant is very vigorous and has a large frame. Missourima RZ is well suitable for mechanical harvest and extended delivery out of short-term storage, depending on maturity.

• Recommended plant densities from 28,000 to 3,000/ha
• Processing type for fresh-cut and fermentation
• High yielder in moderate climates
Unique selling points
growing value: high yield potential
storability: short-term, depending on maturity
freshmarket value: round shape in all sizes
processing value: high output, dry matter and quality ratings
consumer value: multi-use cabbage, incl. home-processing