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White Cabbage, mid and late season, 80 to 105 growing days

Novelty 30-WC759 is a white cabbage with round shape, attractive waxy green colour and a weight range of 1,5 to 3,0 kg. The plant is vigorous and offers a long field standability under dry and extreme growing conditions. Main target is the compact medium sized freshmarket, using its long harvesting window throughout all growing cycles, even in winter production in moderate areas. Well adaptable to different weight requirements and suitable for high plant densities.

• Recommended plant densities from 35.000 to 60.000/ha
• Compact heading with long harvesting window
• Reliable vigour also in dry continental climates
Unique selling points:
- growing value: reliable vigour and long field standability
- freshmarket value: compact round, healthy wrapper leaves
- consumer value: flexible use