Innovative Products at PMA Foodservice!

July 26 - 27, 2019 Monterey, CA

Rijk Zwaan introduces two innovative products to North American markets highlighting convenience, fresh product and sustainability at PMA Foodservice in Monterey, California.

Snack lettuce©, a recent snack-sized innovation in lettuces, is gaining recognition in markets across other continents for its convenience and possibilities in the modern kitchen. Developed for its long lasting crunchy bite, sweet taste and spoon shaped-leaf, this unique lettuce maintains its shape and texture when paired with warm and cold dishes. Snack Lettuce is the perfect complement to dips, salsas, ceviche and so much more. The distinctive leaf also offers sustainability benefits through the reduction of plastics when used as an edible spoon.  

Meet cabbisi™, a small fresh innovative concept making a big impact in cabbage.  This easy, year-round cabbage displays its versatility in the salad category by offering good taste and crisp texture in salad mixes when paired with romaine or crunchy cos. The long shelf life leads to less waste providing benefit for consumers and the foodservice industry. cabbisi’s mild and sweeter-than-cabbage taste, extra nutrients and numerous possibilities in dishes make it perfect for everyday and every occasion. 

Come, experience the crisp bite of Snack Lettuce with different pairings, and explore how the versatility of cabbisi can benefit you at Rijk Zwaan booth 910!